Use of Online Documents

These online documents (online manuals and release notes) are provided by WingArc1st Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) to its customers who use a maintenance service for the Company’s products (hereinafter referred to as “Customers”), as part of the maintenance service, under the terms and conditions of a license agreement or maintenance service agreement for the Company’s products which is entered into between the Company and a Customer, and the terms and conditions stated below (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use of Documents”).

1. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Intellectual property rights to online documents belong to the Company or third parties who grant a license to the Company.
  2. When third party software programs (including open source software and free software; hereinafter referred to as “Third Party Software”) are included in the tools or the like of online documents, handling of intellectual property rights to said Third Party Software and other license terms and conditions shall be as specified in license terms and conditions which apply to said Third Party Software.

2. Change of Contents of Online Documents

The Company may change the contents of online documents without notice for reasons of change of the specifications of a product or amendment to laws and regulations.

3. Suspension of Provision of Online Documents

In a case falling under any of the followings, the Company may suspend or discontinue the provision of the whole or any part of online documents without prior notice to Customers:

  1. Where the Company performs an urgent inspection of or urgent maintenance operation for a computer system pertaining to online documents;
  2. Where a computer, the communication line, or the like has stopped due to an accident;
  3. Where the Company becomes unable to manage online documents owing to such force majeure as an earthquake, thunderbolt, fire, storm, flood, power failure, natural disaster or incident; or
  4. Where the Company otherwise finds it necessary to suspend or discontinue said provision.

4. Prohibited Matters

In using online documents, Customers shall not commit an act falling under any of the following items or an act which the Company considers it as falling under any of the same:

  1. An act against laws and regulations or an act connected with a criminal act;
  2. An act against public order and morals;
  3. An act of infringing the rights or interests of the Company or third parties, including intellectual property rights, which reserve rights pertaining to online documents;
  4. An act of putting an excessive load on the network or other system for online documents;
  5. An act liable to obstruct the management of online documents;
  6. An act of illegally accessing the network or systems of the Company or of attempting an unauthorized access to said network or other system;
  7. An act of pretending to be a third party;
  8. An act of inflicting a loss, causing damage, or giving an unpleasant feeling to the Company or other third parties;
  9. An act of giving profit to an antisocial force or the like;
  10. An act of directly or indirectly causing or facilitating any of the acts set forth in the preceding items; or
  11. Other act which the Company finds inappropriate.

5. Termination of Provision of Online Documents

When a Customer terminates a maintenance service agreement with the Company by terminating or cancelling said agreement, the Customer’s use of online documents shall also terminate.

6. Contact and Notice

Contact or notice from Customers to the Company, including inquiries about online documents, and contact or notice from the Company to Customers shall be made or given in the manner specified by the Company.

7. Matters for Consultation

With regard to matters not specified in the Terms of Use of Documents or doubts about interpretation, the Company and each of Customers shall try to settle said matters or doubts in good faith through consultation in addition to observing the provisions of laws and regulations as well as following customs.

Third-Party Software Specified in Terms of Use of Documents